Dear Knee Pain Sufferer:

Are you dealing with chronic knee pain and can't work?

Do you know if your knee problem is bad enough to be eligible for Social Security Disability?

Would you like to get "inside information" from someone who has reviewed knee disability claims for 15 years at the state and regional level?

Find the answers you need in "How To Get Disability For Knee Problems - A Complete Guide From A Social Security Examiner."

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This comprehensive guide includes an audiobook that discusses:

  • The type of knee problems that can automatically qualify you for disability 

  • The social security rules for knee problems that determine your eligibility for benefits 

  • The tests that examining doctors perform in a knee disability exam 

  • The specific knee related questions that social security looks for when reviewing your case 

  • How long your knee problems have to last to get granted benefits 

  • The important knee X-ray findings that are looked for in your disability evaluation 

  • How knee surgery affects your chances for getting disability 

  • How your ability to walk affects your chances for getting benefits 

  • The "formula" that social security uses to calculate your knee disability 

  • The specific facts your doctor needs to include in a letter to social security 

  • What to do if your claim for knee disability is denied 

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